Your taxi at the airport linz
Taxi meter



You want to know your taxi costs in advance?


Choose one of the following route planners: viamichelin or google/maps and enter your destination. Now you get the distance from linz airport to your destination in kilometers.


In case the route planner shows you the distance in miles, then you have to multiply them with 1.60934 to get kilometers.


Multiplied by € 2.65 and added with € 5.00 basic fee will be the total costs up to 4 persons including usual luggage (per person one suitcase and one bag).


For example: 11.3 kilometers x € 2.65 + € 5.00 = fare € 35.-


For any special trips like tours with stops and waiting time for our driver, longer trips with more then 50 kilometers, etc. we offer special package deals on individual basic.


Contact us by phone or by e-mail and be sure that you will get a fair and perfect fitting offer.


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